Booking Procedures


There are three options for payment of accommodation:

  1. Preferred, is direct payment to the Taupo Ski Club account number 010-427-0009522-00 (Please remember to put your name on the deposit).
  2. Old-Style: If you do not have access to the Internet or phone banking a cheque can be posted to: P.O. Box 67, Taupo.
  3. Prepay: You may wish to keep your account in credit. This will speed up the booking process.

The Booking Officer (Vicki Moss)  can be contacted for enquiries on

If there is an urgent enquiry, the Hut Officer (midweek) and the Hut Officer (weekend) can be contacted on the lodge phone: 07 892 3847 or Booking officer on 027 740 0225. 

Who Can Book?               

  • Senior Financial Members only.
  • Intermediate (13 years and over but under 18 years) must have a senior sponsor staying in the lodge.
  • Junior Member's bookings must be made by a Senior Financial Member who must also undertake to accompany the child for the period of their stay at the Lodge and be responsible for them, or have formal arrangement with another member.

Who Can Stay at the Lodge?

  • Senior Financial Members at any time.
  • Intermediate Financial Members at any time.
  • Junior Financial Members (3 years and over) at any time. Juniors under 14 years old may NOT be in the lodge unaccompanied by a Senior Member at any time.
  • Members children aged under 3 years may be booked during the winter season: midweek and school holidays only. (But not on the weekends)
  • No Financial Member may stay in the lodge without previously advising the Booking Officer, Custodian or Hut Officer. This is for safety reasons and must be adhered to.
  • Non-members: Thursday to Sunday either accompanied by a member or hosted by the Custodian. Friday and Saturday are solely at the discretion of the Booking Officer/Custodian.
  • Non- member groups: By arrangement with the booking officer.


               Non-member non-skiing groups are not allowed to stay during the ski season.

  • Specified events – i.e. Ladies/Men’s/Toddlers, are not exclusive to that group, although qualifying members do get priority and other members who wish to stay will be advised that it’s a special week and should be prepared to accept the focus of the group.

How to book

Casual/Standard Bookings - Members

Members may make a booking at any time throughout the season subject to availability.

  • Please use the Winter Booking form
  • Payment must be made before your booking will be confirmed.  If your account is in credit, your booking will be able to be confirmed promptly. Payment can be made as above. Be sure to identify yourself on your deposit. You may wish to keep your booking account in credit to speed up the booking process.
  • If the booking is for the coming weekend, the Booking application and payment must be received by Tuesday (10pm).
  • Weekend Bookings for Non-member guests - Members booking for Non Member Guests and Associates are reminded that a senior member must book and accompany these people. Please see Non members –bookings following
  • If payment or communication has not been received by Tuesday 10pm or 3 days prior to your booking, your booking will be cancelled and beds will be offered to those on the wait-list.

Non Member Bookings

 Non-members can only be booked for up to 5 nights (Sunday – Thursday) or a weekend (Friday – Saturday) but not both, i.e. they must move out and reapply if they want to stay longer

Midweek Non-member bookings: Non-members may book any time Sun –Thursday nights subject to availability. The custodian will act as host.  

  • Please use the Winter booking form
  • Please make payment to Taupo Ski Club account - details as above. Be sure to identify yourself on your deposit.
  • Mid week bookings can generally be confirmed reasonably promptly depending on availability and club events being held
  • All queries, please email

Weekend Non-member Bookings

  • Non-members may stay during the weekends but a senior member must book and accompany these people. 
  • The member must book via the website and use the winter booking form.
  • On booking - Make a separate payment for non-member bookings. The booking for non-members will be held and confirmed if bunks are available three days before the required booking. This protects members wishing to book. If no bunks are available for non-members the payment will be refunded to the member making the application

Non Member Group Bookings

  •  A deposit is required for confirmation with the balance due when numbers are confirmed.
  • If a group booking is cancelled 1 month or more prior, a refund of 50% is made. If within a month, the deposit is lost. 
  • All queries, please email

Members Cancellations/Refunds

  • To qualify for a full refund:
    • Weekend bookings: Cancellation notice must be given to the Booking Officer by Tuesday 10pm prior.
    • Weekday bookings: Cancellation notice must be given to the Booking Officer by 10pm three days prior to the booking date.
  • Cancellation after cut-off will lose all funds except if bed/s is on-sold, then a $5 fee only to apply. Any variation to this rule is on application to the committee.
  • Refunds will be in the form of credits held to be used during the season. These may be returned at season end if not used.
  • The cancellation cut-off enables those on waiting list to be notified on Wednesday prior to weekend bookings and three days prior for weekday bookings. Earlier notice is always appreciated.


Residents wishing to extend their stay may do so only at the discretion of the resident Hut Officer in consultation with the Booking Officer/ Custodian.