The Lodge at Whakapapa is the club's largest asset and as such requires being well looked after.

Over the years a set of rules have been developed to ensure the smooth running of the facility.  All club members and their guests need to be aware and adhere to them.

Accommodation Rules

  1. The number in residence at the club must not exceed 29 except in the case of an extreme emergency.
  2. Double bunking is not allowed and overnight sleeping on divans/sofas is not permitted.
  3. Sheets and pillowcases to be provided by members. Please make sure your guests are aware of this rule.
  4. The removal of club property from the building is forbidden. This includes bedding, tools, crockery etc.
  5. Visitors rights – members who are not in residence but visiting the club to collect gear or see friends must introduce themselves to the resident Lodge Leader. Visiting members may use club tea, coffee etc, but must provide own food and clear up their own dishes. Non-resident members may have meals at the club provided there is sufficient food and the cook’s approval is sought.  Dinner will be $10 per person (member), $15 per person (non-member). All visitors rights also apply to Associate and Affiliate members.
  6.  No food or drinks consumed in the bunkrooms.
  7. Vacating the Lodge – Please pack up your belongings and tidy your bunk area on the morning of your departure as there may be others coming into the room later the same day.
  8. Quiet must be observed in the foyer area and bunk rooms when members are likely to be sleeping. Please consider other resident’s tastes when playing music/ TV.
  9. Duty Roster – All members and guests will be set a duty each day by the Lodge Leader. Please read the duty board every night to see which task you have been allocated. Make sure you read the instructions on what the duty involves. Senior members are responsible for ensuring that their guests and children complete the duty in a satisfactory manner.
  10. Power and Water – the water supply is limited to the tank capacity. Power is a major operating expense, please remember to turn off heaters if they are not needed.
  11. The lodge has a modern fire detection system, however, to help prevent fires please remember
    • Familiarise yourself with the Fire alarm Procedures for Fire Warden - see laminated card on the notice board OR the Member Information Booklet.
    • there is no smoking in the Lodge
    • keep clothing off heaters and a reasonable distance from them
    • observe where the emergency exits are and the location of the fire hose and extinguishers
    • remember to keep warm clothing by your bed at night in case you have to evacuate
    • anyone found tampering with the fire safety equipment will face expulsion from the club.
  12. Drugs – any person caught using or sharing illegal substances, within the confines of the Lodge, will be dealt with by the Committee.
  13. Lunch, tea, coffee etc dishes must be cleared away by the person who used them.
  14. Wet clothing must be placed in the drying room, but remember to take it out when dry so others may use the room.
  15. Skis, snow boards, boots and equipment are not allowed to be carried through the lounge area, they shall be brought in through the downstairs entrance and stored downstairs.
  16. Security – everyone on leaving the Lodge must ensure that the front and back doors are locked to prevent any unauthorised persons gaining access to our club. Everyone should place their valuables in a secure place when in residence.
  17. If you intend to be late in from skiing or plan to go out after the evening meal, please notify the Lodge Leader of your plans so we do not organise an unnecessary search party.
  18. Lodge telephone is not to be used for making toll calls especially to cell phones.
  19. Children – parents are advised that children under 14 years must not be left alone in the Lodge unsupervised by a senior member under any circumstances.
  20. Members who work for RAL are not permitted to stay in the lodge full time.

If complaints are received in writing regarding any abuse of Lodge Rules it will be dealt with by the Committee!