Membership of the club is available to everyone living in the Great Lake Taupo District and to those who can prove a close affiliation with the area. 

There is also a quota of 15% of members, who do not qualify for the above, which is reviewed annually. Details of the membership criteria can be found in the Taupo Ski Club Constitution.

Annual Subscription Types


A couple OR 2 parents and one or more child (Junior or Intermediate)

1 Parent and 1 Child

One parent and one child (Junior or Intermediate)


Aged 18 years and over on 31 March

Midweek or Midweek couple

Membership shall be limited to those 18 years of age and over on 31 March in each year (Senior). Use of the Club lodge shall only be Sunday to Thursday nights inclusive, outside school holiday periods and Statutory Holidays during the ski season.


Available to an existing member of the club. Designed for Members who are no longer active skiers, due to personal circumstances, but wish to retain an interest in the Club and its activities. Limited to 10 at any one time.

Leave of Absence

Granted at Committee’s discretion upon receipt of written request and good cause shown. 

  • Subject to review after 3 years. 
  • Limited to 20 at any one time but Committee discretion applies.

Special Membership Categories


Long membership and outstanding service to the club over a significant period of time (e.g. at least 10 years, not necessarily continuously with at least one significant period providing special service on the committee). OR A major financial benefactor to the club (i.e. a significant donation) could also be worthy of life membership.

  • Not required to pay annual subs or levies.
  • This is a committee recommendation to be voted on at AGM, per Constitution clause 4.3.4. 
  • Limited to 15 at any one time.


Elected by Committee by unanimous vote for a term not exceeding two years. Limited to 5 at any one time.

Outstanding Contribution to the Club

Any member can nominate by completing a form - similar to Life membership nomination form - to be put to the committee for decision (which is final).

In addition to having their name displayed on an Honours Board at the club the recipient is to be awarded free annual subs for – 1 to 2yrs. The Committee has authority under constitution clause 5.8.

Work Parties

Work parties are an important part of being a member - it enables us to keep our costs down and contributes to a real feeling of ownership of our club. They are carried out over the Summer/Autumn period each year for maintenance of the Lodge and preparation for the coming season. These work parties consist of a two-day weekend commencing 9:00am Saturday. There is no accommodation charge for work party weekends.

Work party levy is to be paid with the annual subscription. A 5% discount applies to subscriptions and work party levies if paid before 31 March. The work party levy will be refunded by the Treasurer after a work party has been completed that year.

The minimum age on a work party is six years old. Any Junior aged 12 years and under is automatically credited a work party if their parent(s) do(es) a work party.

New Member Applicants: ALL NEW MEMBERSHIP SENIOR APPLICANTS must do one official work party within the year of their application to join the club. Younger applicants are encouraged to attend. Any exception to this is at the discretion of the committee.

Advancement to Senior: Intermediate advancing to Senior must do one official work party.

Members are able to bring guests, who are not applicants, on work parties providing there is space available in the Lodge, but no credit is issued for their guest’s attendance.

Dates of work parties are determined by Committee, giving members at least 1 months notice through the newsletter.

How to Apply

Fill in the electronic Application Form , save it and then post or email it to the Committee Secretary. All applications will be discussed at the next committee meeting.