2013 Tukino Lodge

Tukino Lodge available for Taupo Ski Club Members

Website: Tukino Alpine Sports Club


The full 2 level building, 40 bunks, Operates with lodge manager over winter ski season (Tukino ski field that is). Also available for large bookings, minimum of 6 people Fri and Sat (ie minimum of 2 nights). Price is $25, plus $10 for catering during managed ski season. When lodge open outside of season, self catered, and $10 does not apply. Like your lodge food includes dinner and breakfast but not lunch.

The “hut”: 

The lower lounge, kitchen and bunkrooms. Available when full lodge not open. Particularly good in summer for small parties. Gas stoves, manual water, and not hot showers.

If booking the lodge out of ski season (eg 6 people for minimum 2 nights), then we can arrange a lodge manager, alternatively, we offer lodge manager training weekends a few times a year if people want to learn the systems, so bookers can run the lodge themselves for their booking.