Club Captain’s Report, July 2016

Well Whakapapa’s open now and if our snowfalls are half as big as the ones they had in the Northern Hemisphere earlier this year we are in for a boomer season!! 

It’s time now to remind Members about the upcoming Events on our calendar for this season. 

CHRISTIANIA DERBY - Saturday 5th August

HAENSLI CUP - Saturday 12 August
Two Teams Races we always take part in for the Club vs Club Racing and the great Parties afterwards. 

RACE TRAINING -  Sunday 3rd September  
Following on from John’s success last year with Gate Training- Whakapapa Snow School will again run a session this season for our Club Members interested in honing their race skills. Anyone interested in taking part in the Christy Derby /Haensli Cup/Race Training both Skiing and Boarding let me know –email me email me email me email me email me – 

CLUB CHAMPS – Saturday 9th September  (Backup day Sunday 10th September)
Get your Race Gear dusted off for this one.This year we want everyone to come and have a go,no matter how fast or at whatever level. There is nothing that improves your skiing/boarding more than having to make turns through a race course. Anyone still with Cups or Trophies please drop them in to me at United Travel on Heu Heu St-we need to get them engraved. 

OVER THE TOP -  Sunday 10th September
One other event I would love to see happen this season (following on from Harry’s successful Club Walk to the Crater after last seasons Club Champs) is to walk to the Crater and then carry on through Pare Saddle skiing/boarding down to Turoa Skifield.
All we need is a good day/good snow and a few friendly volunteers to drive vehicles around to the Turoa side and meet us on the skifield that afternoon. 

Lastly Good Luck to all our younger Skiers and Boarders involved in Squads and Competitions this season.  We look forward to seeing and hearing of some great results in 2006.