Lodge procedures

As you are all aware the lodge needs to be closed down (internal systems specifically water and power) when not in use.  

During the winter season we have a Hut Officer who is resident therefore the lodge remains open. As the Hut Officer has now finished for the season the internal lodge systems (water, power) are shut down.

So – if you are booked in to stay you will be responsible for opening and closing the Lodge. As members you have all been shown how to do this. However, if you are unsure then be sure to contact a committee member to organise a refresher.

Also a reminder to any day trippers that want to use the lodge that unless someone is booked in, the Lodge is shut down – ie the water and power are OFF – so do not use the toilets. We do not recommend just opening the Lodge for an hour or two as every opening/closing fills and drains the water system which wastes about 400 litres of water.