Racing Results

The club racing series has just started with the first race of the winter held last Saturday 4th August.  This was the Christiana Derby and was held with brilliant snow conditions and mostly clear viz.  We managed to put in 3 Junior and 2 Open teams.  For the first time for at least ten years we were unable to field a Masters team.

The juniors saved the club from a down trou by winning the Junior title.  The winning team was Caoilinn Gray, Cole Scott, Finn and Lachlan Powell.  To give you an idea how strong this team is consider that Lachlan was 2nd overall and Cole was 5th overall.  This is a great result.  As far as the others went the 2nd Junior team placed pretty well but unfortunately neither of the Open teams finished.  The most spectacular fall went to Rick Powell who “wowed” the Knoll Ridge Cafe 4 gates from the end.

The next race is in a weeks time on Saturday 18th August being the Haensli Trophy.  We need more racers especially women to make up the teams.  So, as a special call we really need masters women (over 40) as we don’t want to repeat a no show for this event.