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Non member booking forms

Season Bookings

All members who know what accommodation they will be wanting for the winter season (school holidays excluded) please please follow the booking procedures and the instructions below.
The idea behind this is to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to book. 

  • Advise booking officer using the Winter Booking Form above
  • Please note in the Comments Section “Seasons” and also any particular dates that are important to you or other information.
  • It is a good idea to select some weekends (or midweeks) you want to stay and book now and then you are in the mix.
  • The booking officer will allocate bunks (Please note: you may not get all the nights you have requested). You will be wait-listed for any dates you missed out on.
  • There are 6 beds, more or less, left vacant each night when we process the seasons bookings. These are available for casual bookings only.
  • Those on seasons bookings can be wait listed for these as well if the other 22 beds are already booked
  • If these are not booked by Tuesday 8pm prior to the weekend the booking officer will advise those on the wait-list.

Payment for Seasons bookings

Once seasons bookings have been processed you will be advised which nights you have been allocated and payment instructions will be given.

Dates for Season  Bookings

  • Season bookings will open from 1 May  each year and will close on 30 May. 
  • This will include the July School holidays
  • You will be notified as quickly as possible.  July School holidays and June bookings will be first, followed by seasons bookings.

Dates for School Holiday Bookings

  • Bookings for school holidays will be open with dates as advised above and in newsletter. 
  • The maximum number of nights that may be booked in advance will be five nights. 
  • Further nights may be requested in a separate booking. Extra nights will depend on demand and will be at the discretion of the booking officer. These nights will be advised as soon as practicable. 

July School Holidays 

  • bookings will open  Saturday 1 May and will close on 30 May
  • You will be notified as quickly as possible.

September School Holidays

  • bookings will open 22 August and close 05 September.
  • You will be notified as quickly as possible

Summer Rates

We will be running our special non member summer booking rates again this year.  This years rates are:

  • Members $15 per night for both adults and children
  • Non-members $20 per night for both adults and children
  • Whole Lodge booking $255 per night (must be a member present)

Please make bookings via the links above.
The Booking Officer can also be contacted on 027 740 0225.