Lodge Use Refreshers

As you are aware all new and advancing members participate in a work party.  The work party serves several purposes with meeting existing members, learning how the Lodge operates and contributing to the upkeep of our biggest asset amongst others.  However, as this is only an entrance requirement, existing members don’t get the regular opportunity to open and close the lodge, understand the plumbing system, remember how the steriliser, header tank or wetbacks works.

The committee has noticed this decline in members knowledge and along with the current health and safety requirements, increasing electricity, heating and insurance costs we will be requiring all members who stay at the Lodge this coming season to complete a short ‘refresher’ with a committee member.  We envisage this to be short and sweet (as in 10-15mins) and able to be completed at any mutually acceptable time either individually, as a group, or as a family.    In addition to this will be regular Health and Safety briefings lead by the Hut Officer at least once a weekend.  As we are in a mountain (and potentially dangerous) environment we need to ensure that we look after not only ourselves but other club members, guests and the Lodge.